Thanks for joining us here on World Tech Update, I’m Nick Barber and welcome to Las Vegas and the 2012 International Consumer Electronics Show. We’ve got a lot of good news coming up so stick with us.


Microsoft held its final CES keynote and what you see behind me, their booth, won’t be here next year either. At its keynote, Microsoft CEO Steve Ballmer joined tv host Ryan Seacrest to focus mostly on Windows 8. Ballmer also talked about the future of another headlining product, Microsoft Kinect.

No sign of Bill Gates at the show, but he was there in a short video that chronicled the company’s 15 years of keynotes.

Intel really pushed Ultrabooks this year. Ultrabooks are of course those thin and light notebooks that PC makers hope will entice consumers to pour money back into a market that has been severely damaged by tablets. Intel showed off features that it hopes will differentiate Ultrabooks from Apple’s Macbook Air.

The Consumer Electronics Association projected that 30 to 50 Ultrabooks would launch during the show this year.


Samsung showed off televisions that have motion control, voice control and face recognition.


The face recognition and motion control works using an integrated camera on top of each TV that can also be used for video chat. The company also introduced a 75 inch TV with a dual core processor and a super OLED display.


Sony didn’t offer much news at its keynote, but instead packed it with celebrities. Will Smith was there for Men in Black 3 and Kelly Clarkson also performed.

Sony announced two new smartphones, both with 12 megapixel cameras and plans for a new 55 inch crystal LED display.

Sony wasn’t the only company with celebrities though, TOSY electronics brought superstar Justin Bieber to show off a new robot, during a demo with a number of hiccups. The MRobo is designed as a speaker that can also dance to music uploaded from a USB drive. It’ll go on sale this year. The company didn’t say how much it paid for the Biebs, but unless those robots sell well, TOSY might not be back next year.

iPod dock

It’s the biggest iPod dock in the world, weighing in at 900 pounds. It pumps out 10,000 watts of power and enough base to make your insides shake. The iNuke from Behringer measures 8 feet by 4 feet by 4 feet. It runs off two 15 amp residential circuits and the device powers up in sequence to avoid a surge. With a flip of this blue switch you get an additional 12 decibels. At 30,000 dollars the company said it only has a couple of preorders.


If you remember back to last year I got to shoot an ioSafe hard drive with a shotgun and an M16. This year the company electrocuted a new thunderbolt drive with a million volts.

The drive of course survived. The one used in the demo had dual 500 series SSDs running in RAID 1. When it goes on sale in the 2nd quarter it’ll cost 2000 dollars. Another option is the 500 GB mechanical drive for 500 dollars. The company couples online data backup and recovery with the purchase of the drives. It will cost 99 cents per terabyte per month.

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Coming up on World Tech Update this week we’re at the 2012 International Consumer Electronics Show where Microsoft talked about the future of Kinect, Intel pushed Ultrabooks, Samsung showed off TVs with motion and voice control, Sony packed its press conferences with celebrities like Kelly Clarkson and Will Smith, a 10,000 watt iPod dock pumped out music and a hard drive survived 1,000,000 volts.

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