There’s a wide range of experience among the attendees at the Consumer Electronics Show, (been here the last 15 years) but all of these various color-coded ID’s made IDG News wonder: Just who is it that comes to the show?

Luckily, we found a voice of experience: someone who has been buying here for 31 years.

“There’s 3 kinds of people… vendors like me… also people that…”

But there is occasionally a fourth kind of person, someone who just like gadgets. And even if they get into the show for legit reasons

“I run a DJ business, Wasss Sounds in Seattle”

They’re actually here for nothing more than the entertainment value.

“There’s a lot of techy stuff here… there’s a lot- A LOT—of cute girls as well.”

And as Danny and his Dad browse the booths, vendors who have experience reading the crowd, say actually, the occasional Danny is welcome. It seems the big buyers don’t often stop to chat.

“It’s nice to get the feedback…”

There’s another type of visitor to CES too—The new businessmen, newly intimidated by the amount of money required to get into the tech selling game.

“We’ve looked around but things are expensive…”

From Las Vegas, Kerry Davis, IDG News Service.