CES 2012: Justin Bieber unveils prototype dancing robot

Vietnamese toy and robotics designer Tosy called on pop star Justin Bieber for the unveiling of its latest toy at the Consumer Electronics Show on Wednesday.

The Biebs looked ready for the spotlight in his Louis Vuitton logo and denim jacket as he greeted fans in Las Vegas. He signed autographs and posed for pictures for about an hour before stepping to the stage to officially showcase the company’s robot.

The MRobo is designed as a speaker that can also dance to music uploaded from a USB.

But the company proved to be not quite ready for prime-time for its announcement, with at least three microphone failures, and one screen failure that Justin was supposed to turn on, to start a video of the  dancing robot.

Eventually a different screen worked, and showed a simulation of the robot device doing more dance moves than the actual prototype was able to do. The company says the MRobo will be available for purchase this year.

After some more confusion about where Bieber was supposed to be, he abruptly left the stage, for good.

No word on how much Tosy paid to have Justin appear on behalf of the company.

From Las Vegas, Kerry Davis, IDG News Service.