It’s the looks that you notice at the Consumer Electronics Show, especially if you’re watching them from a vendor’s perspective.

The measuring, sizing-up, quick-as a saber glances that can assess, then dismiss, in a second or less.

“Oh it gets to you!”


It’s especially painful to the people in the Eureka Section of the Venetian Hotel, where newcomer start-ups and inventors, trying to get a foothold in the tech industry, can rent booth space for as little as $1,000.

“Not too bad! “

Stephen Harris-Smith is tucked into possibly the worst spot inside Eureka—a corner.

“Online it looked bad but line of sight is OK…”

But if $1000 for a booth sounds affordable, it doesn’t tell the whole story. Harris-Smith just stuck a $20 thousand dollars into a business for his invention, that he’s here displaying for the first time.

“I’ve put in two thousand dollars… yeah.. my wife funds this..”

Stephen, came up with the contact patch after growing frustrated when playing games on his ipad.

He designed these silicon-like patches so gamers can feel where the controls are without looking away from the action on the screen.

Nat break “trying anything…”

Then, almost by fate, it turned out that his brother, an experienced tech professional, was able to help him with the business, too.

“I don’t want to call it a midlife crisis but..”

The 50-something brothers never imagined they would work together, though it’s something they say would have made their dad, a lifelong entrepreneur, very proud.

Stephen bite “He would have loved this.”

The two say they were just testing their product’s reception by coming to Vegas .  but are thrilled with the feedback they’ve gotten.

So, because of Vegas, the two plan to stick this idea out. It helps that Jeffrey is willing to bet on his brother’s idea—while each hoping for a big payout.

From Las Vegas, Kerry Davis, IDG News Service.