Parrot has updated it’s tablet and phone controlled helicopter. The AR Drone 2 can be flown by an iOS or Android device and new for this year is the ability to record HD video.


I had a chance to try it out and compared to the first Drone, the new one is also much easier to fly and significantly sturdier. One of the new features that makes it easier to fly is a setting that makes the Drone fly in reference to the pilot. So forward is forward, left is left, and so on regardless of which way the copter is rotated. That makes piloting much easier.


On the Central Plaza of CES, Parrot had an obstacle course set up for the AR Drone challenge later this week where gamers from nine countries will compete against each other. To help amateurs like me land it, there was a design on the top of each column that the Drone can lock on to and then land.


One of the concerns I had was battery life with all of the new components.


Cristina Sanz

VP, Marketing, Parrot



The AR.Drone 2 will be available in the second quarter of this year and cost 300 hundred dollars.


AT CES in Las Vegas, Nick Barber IDG News Service