Zen internet has unveiled a fibre-to-the-premises (FTTP) broadband service in the UK.

The broadband service will initially only be available to homes and premises served by the Bradwell Abbey, Highams Park, Chester South and York exchanges, which BT has already upgraded to handle FTTP technology .

The cheapest FTTP package, Fibre Active, from Zen is priced at £30 per month and offers 'up to' 40Mbps download speeds, with upload speeds of 'up to' 2Mbps and a monthly download limits of 50Gbps. There's also an option to increase to upload speed to 'up to' 10Mbps and the download limit to 100GB with the £38 per month Fibre Pro service while for £55 a month you can boost the download limit to a whopping 200GB on the Fibre Office package.

There's also two FTTP services with download speed of 'up to' 100Mbps. Fibre Enterprise, costs £70 per month and comes with upload speed of 'up to' 15Mbps and a download limit of 500GB while the £95 a month Fibre Enterprise Plus package has an upload speed of 'up to' 30Mbps and a download limit of 500GB.

Zen said a further seven exchanges that are in the process of being converted to handle FTTP technology, will see the fibre services rolled out in the near future. These are Ilford, Ashford in Middlesex, Wembley, St Austell, Leytonstone, Exeter and Forest Hill.

According to Andrew Saunders from Zen internet, the ISP expects fibre to overtake copper as the 'norm' for broadband connections in between three and five years. At present, the ISP said 20 percent of its new customers are opting for fibre packages but this looks set to surge in the future.