It's been a busy week in technology, from BT revealing plans to upgrade its copper network to support 20Mbps to Microsoft standing by its decision to block XP users from IE9. In fact, there's been plenty of stories that got our readers fired up enough to post their opinions on the web. Here's the five stories from PC Advisor this week that certainly got you talking.

1. BT 'upgrading copper network to offer 20Mbps'

If there's one topic that never fails to divide our readers, it's broadband speeds. And this week, when BT revealed plans to upgrade the UK's existing copper network so it can offer speeds of up to 20Mbps, it was no exception. 'John Smith' wasn't impressed with BT's plans. "Oooooo 20Mb BIG DEAL! I get 50Mb from Virgin now on a copper line! Come on BT if you going to upgrade at least make a marked improvement and offer 100+meg can't believe how far comms companies are behind in the country," he said.

Meanwhile, 'uksnapper' welcomed the move but pointed out BT "really always do seem to be behind other companies in providing services that people want which is sad considering they were a world leader at one time". Furthermore, 'Chr1st0pher' pointed out "Latvia and Estonia had 8mb plus broadband 5 years ago. How on earth can BT boast about 21st Century technology?".

2. Microsoft stands by move to ban IE9 from XP

Despite, Microsoft's Internet Explorer (IE) again losing ground to Apple's Safari and Google's Chrome, the tech company has stood behind its decision to limit IE9 to users running Windows Vista and Windows 7. According to 'jamesd1981' told XP users "you are not missing much, internet explorer 9 is just as bloated and slow as every other version, Google Chrome and Mozilla Firefox are far superior", while 'Steven' queried whether Microsoft is losing ground to Apple's Safari. "Apple has no significant browser share. Better than Opera, sure, but not by much," he said.

3. ISPs unhappy with BT pricing for poles and ducts

BT took another bashing after a leaked letter revealed ISPs including TalkTalk and Virgin Media are unhappy about the prices and terms and conditions imposed by the telecoms company on other providers to use its existing ducts and poles. 'Linda' said "I don't suppose TalkTalk and all the rest of the iSPs will be vaguely interested in going to the expense of laying new cables/fibres to the outlying regions of Wales and Scotland will they? Stop panning BT, they have spent many unprofitable years supplying lines which will NEVER be economic so let us see more action from the 'poor' ISPs." Meanwhile, 'Thomas thomson' said "BT have gotten too big, they think they can ride roughshod over everyone and nothing will be done about it". Finally, 'RSebire' questioned Virgin's involvement as "they use their own fibre optics".

4. Motorola Xoom 'goes on sale in UK'

Earlier this week, Brits were given the offer of being able to purchase the Motorola Xoom, the first tablet PC to run Google's Android Honeycomb OS, before anyone else through a website called Simply Electronics. The website claimed it would ship the tablet within two days, but after some investigation by PC Advisor we thought it was 'dubious' offer. Sadly, 'Carl Stankowski' confirmed our fears. "I bought one of these from Simply Electronics expecting a 1 to 2 day wait as their site specified. Now 3 days later and still no delivery email and I suspect this was a pre-order scam. In all likelihood I will get mine no quicker than if I had waited and bought from PC World," he said.

5. Google Android's next challenges

Finally, as Android become more and more popular with smartphone users, we thought we'd point out the mobile OSes five biggest challenges. 'Woolwell' pointed out "Bluetooth tethering is poor and an android phone doesn't work well with a TomTom" while 'You Seemed To Have Missed One...' highlighted his problem of all the text messages being deleted at random intervals. "Although that may just affect HTC phones...," he said.

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