TalkTalk has revealed that by the end of this month, all new customers to the ISP will be asked if they want to activate parental controls on their broadband connection as soon as they sign up..

In May last year the ISP launched HomeSafe, a free-of- charge network-level security service that offers the ability to block access to specific types of content, such as pornography and gambling sites, infected web pages on any device using the home broadband network to surf the web.

Furthermore, HomeSafe also ensures parents can stop access to social networks such as Facebook at specific times of the day to ensure kids are not distracted from their homework or chores.

The settings for the security software can be tweaked by the account holder to ensure they are tailored to each families needs.

"It's fantastic news that TalkTalk has worked so quickly to make 'active choice' a reality for parents. It will make it easier for their customers to protect their children from harmful or inappropriate online content from whichever device is used in the home, be it a laptop, games console or Internet enabled TV," said Children's Minister Tim Loughton.

"I look forward to seeing more internet service providers offering this help to parents. Through the UK Council for Child Internet Safety we are working with industry and charities to provide tools and information to inform parents and help keep children safe online."

TalkTalk said so far over 250,000 of its customers have activated HomeSafe and the number one category parents are choosing to block is suicide and self-harm websites.

"Creating a safer online environment for children is similar to car safety for children in the 1970s which included the Green Cross Code, compulsory seat belt wearing and car seat use," said Dido Harding, Chief Executive of TalkTalk.

"While no technical solution alone can solve the issue of internet safety, we believe that it is our duty as an ISP to provide our customers with simple and effective tools like HomeSafe to help them protect their families online. We hope that by offering all new customers an upfront choice about activating HomeSafe they will realise there is a wealth of support available to them."