Brits should be given the opportunity to find out about satellite broadband packages on comparison websites, says Broadband Wherever.

According to research by the distributer of satellite broadband of a number of comparison sites, just one -  Broadband Checker- includes satellite-based net connections in its listings. Of the comparison sites that don't feature satellite broadband deals, one said it was because it was too expensive, while another admitted it had never thought to include them on its site. However, Broadband Wherever believes that by including satellite broadband providers, comparison sites will ensure consumers can make informed decisions regarding the most reliable service in their area.

"Satellite broadband is helping to connect to the internet the 'final third' of the UK: people and businesses, particularly those in rural communities, who are unlikely to receive next-generation fibre optic broadband. An estimated 100,000 UK homes are currently without broadband. Astonishingly, some of these are located within the M25," said Shawn Hunt, managing director at Broadband Wherever.

"Broadband comparison sites need to up their game and start providing consumers with un-biased advice on the full range of services available. In other words, with advice that is targeted at all UK residents, not just those living in areas accessible to ADSL and cable. For those living in rural areas, satellite broadband may be their only option for fast-speed internet access."

Hunt said cost is just one the misconceptions about satellite broadband. He said the installation is a low-cost process as the network is already in place and paid for by the network operator. He also revealed many believe satellite broadband is relatively slow.

"The network is rarely affected by distance from the exchange and can be provided virtually anywhere in the world," he said, while also acclaiming Broadband Wherever can offer speeds of 'up to' 10Mbps.

"There are always pro's and con's to any broadband service, but my concern is that satellite broadband is being overlooked when it could help the 'final third' connect. I hope broadband comparison site regulators will address this problem and take action quickly."

For more information on satellite broadband, visit the firm's dedicated web page.