My Voucher Codes has revealed from a survey that most Londoners are against having Wi-Fi internet available at underground tube stations.

My Voucher Codes asked 950 Londoners aged 18 and over if they were in favour of the scheme and 55 percent said no. The news comes after Virgin Media won the contract to rollout Wi-Fi to more than 80 stations before the summer, providing free internet access during the London 2012 Olympics.

Mark Pearson, chairman of My Voucher Codes said, "It’s quite surprising to see the number of people who are against the introduction of Wi-Fi on the underground. I would’ve thought, particularly with the advances in the world of technology, that people would be happy to see the availability of the internet on the tube; making internet access more readily available in all aspects of everyday life."

When asked why they were against the plans a total of 48 percent said they were concerned about privacy, particularly when using passwords. Another turn off for 31 percent of the respondents said it would lead to an increase of theft.

A further 14 percent were worried about an increase in stress due to people using their devices more. The remaining 7 percent said they were worried about the space taken up by gadgets such as laptops.

"There is obviously a risk associated with having an increase in the use of technology on the underground, but at the rate that technology is advancing these days, it would be a shame to pass up the opportunity of having Wi-Fi available on the underground. People concerned about privacy and theft should simply ensure that they are vigilant with their belongings; and those against the idea should remember that they simply do not have to use the Wi-Fi because it’s available." added Pearson.