Last week PC Advisor hosted a poll to find out what people were prepared to pay for a superfast 100Mbps broadband connection (excluding line rental). A whopping 77 percent revealed that they would not pay over £30 a month for such speeds, with only 10 percent claiming they would be prepared to pay over £30 for the superfast broadband. See also How to test broadband speed.

The 77 percent figure is made up of three different voting options offered in our poll; with 28 percent only willing to pay up to £10 for a 100Mbps connection, a further 28 percent prepared to pay £10-£20 and a final 21 percent happy to pay £20-£30 for the high-end superfast broadband. Visit Virgin Media 100Mbps available to 10 million homes.

A further three percent didn't know what they would pay for the connection, while the remaining 11 percent voted for the "I'm happy with my standard broadband speed and price" option.

At present Virgin Media is the only broadband provider in the UK capable of offering connection speeds of up to 100Mbps and the cheapest price Virgin Media is advertising this connection for is £25.50 (with a Virgin Media phone line). Worryingly for Virgin Media, only 21 percent of the market feel this is a fair price for the service (according to our poll results).

As usual with our polls, some people who took part also posted comments in our forum; as they are encouraged to do. John Bunyan's opinion on the state of UK broadband speeds sums up the general feeling from the poll well:  "My 9 - 10 Mbps woks fine for the things I need - including iPlayer. Unless you expect to use it for a lot of HD video, I do not know why such high speeds are needed. They should concentrate on a more universal move to 10Mpbs in all locations. I would pay a bit more, say £20 - £25"

£30 for 100Mbps broadband