The European Commission is to test broadband speeds across Europe.

The study, which is being conducted in conjunction with SamKnows, will see the internet connections of 10,000 European volunteers being tested.

Web users that take part in the survey will be issued with a whitebox that connects to their modem or router and performs a series of automated tests. The measurement firm did warn potential participants they'll need a fixed-line broadband connection and that the devices download approximately 3GB per month and upload around 1GB.

"If you're on a product with a low usage cap then we'd advise against signing up, or at least informing us beforehand so that we can apply a different testing profile," the website said.

Alex Salter, chief executive of SamKnows, told the BBC: "We are working towards a standard for measuring internet performance and a public dataset that everyone can access."

"This is vital for everything from major government investment initiatives through to helping consumers choose which broadband provider and package," he added.

For more information on the study or to register your interest in taking part, visit the dedicated website.