4G smartphone

EE has today announced shared 4G LTE contracts, an NFC mobile payments service and the launch of double speeds for 12 4G cities.

EE announced the plans today which will launch on 17 July allowing those with a Shared 4GEE plan to connect up to five devices but receive just one bill. The network said this will be great for both families and small businesses. EE said it has sold 100 4G contracts every hour since launch. See: What is 4G? A complete guide to 4G.

Shared contracts will offer unlimited calls and text messages and up to 20GB of data. Adding an additional phone costs £12 per month on a year-long contract and adding a tablet costs £5 per month.

The firm also announced a digital payment service called Cash on Tap in partnership with MasterCard. It will allow users to pay for items with their NFC enabled smartphone. This will also launch on 17 July along with the shared contract and be accepted for payments of up to £20 at 230,000 UK outlets. EE said it will give users £10 of credit to spend.

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Furthermore, EE said it will be doubling the speed of its 4G network in 12 cities across the country tomorrow. This brings the maximum to 150Mbps but realistically users will see speeds of between 20- and 40Mbps. They include: Birmingham, Bristol, Cardiff, Derby, Edinburgh, Glasgow, Leeds, Liverpool, London, Manchester, Nottingham and Sheffield.

The list of announcements goes on with a new broadband router which promises to double the speed of Wi-Fi at home with fast 11ac technology. It's called the EE Bright Box 2 and will be offered for easy installation without an engineer.

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