Spotify has made its mobile smartphone and tablet app free for anyone to use.

Now any smartphone or tablet user can stream music on the go via Spotify for free. The service was previously restricted to Premium subscribers only, which costs £9.99 per month.

Spotify said: "You can now get Spotify on your mobile or tablet, absolutely free. Find the right music and shuffle play it on any iOS or Android device."

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Premium users will still get unlimited ad-free streaming at a higher quality through Spotify with downloads to devices. Although any user can now access Spotify for free on their mobile, the service will be supported by adverts in the same way as the desktop and web versions.

The firm believes that offering the mobile version for free will tempt more users to upgrade, eventually, to Premium.

Spotify said users will be able to listen to their playlists and also hit 'shuffle play' to listen to a particular artist's entire back catalogue. The firm has started making available Led Zeppelin's back catalogue, releasing two albums per week.

The firm is also dropping the 10 hours per month limit which it previously imposed on users of its free services.

While Spotify is available on iOS and Android smartphones and tablets, apps for Windows Phone 8 and BlackBerry 10 are still missing.

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