Sonos adds Google Play Music streaming

Sonos has added Google's Play Music streaming service to its wireless Hi-Fi system for users.

Reinforcing the company's commitment to improving its service, Sons has struck a deal with Google to offer Play Music over its popular wireless Hi-Fi system which includes the £169 Play:1. Previously, Sonos added Amazon Cloud Player and Beats Music to its list of available online sources.

From today users will now be able to stream direct to Sonos from within the Google Play Music app on Android devices, or access Google Play Music from within the Sonos app to any Sonos speaker throughout the home.

"As we continue to invest in the way you experience and control your music at home, curating and managing an array of services across multiple rooms, the benefits of playing your music to Sonos directly from these very services is clear." said Sonos in a blog post.

"In Google Play Music, we’ve found a great partner to bring this vision to life for the first time on a global scale. Together, we’ve created a music experience that shows how media, devices, and sound can seamlessly work together in the home."

Users can now head to the "add a music service" section of the Sonos interface and select Google Play Music. You'll then be prompted to log in with your Google account.

Once setup Sonos owners will be able to stream any music purchased via Play Music which is in their library. Google also offers an 'all access' option which like Spotify Premium allows unlimited playback of 20 million tracks and radio with unlimited skips.

Google Play Music offers the ability to upload up to 20,000 owned songs to be streamed online. Sonos is beta testing a new redesigned app for smartphones and tablet which includes an overhauled interface and universal search.

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