Digital radio manufacturer Pure has unveiled Pure Music, a web-based music streaming service.

The service, which will be made available in December this year builds on the FlowSongs service that was launched by Pure last year and allowed users of its Pure Flow or Sensia internet-connected digital radios to buy tracks and then listen to them via their device.

Pure Music allows users to listen to 'millions' of tracks for a monthly free of £4.99 thanks to the firm's deal with 7Digital either from their internet-connected radios or through PCs with a net connection via Pure's online portal The Lounge or on a Google Android smartphone or Apple iPhone thanks to an app that allows smartphone owners to stream tracks whenever they're in range of a 3G or Wi-Fi connection. The Apple iPhone app can be downloaded from the iTunes app store for free now while the Android app is expected to be released soon.

Users have the ability create playlists they want to stream by simply dragging and dropping tracks and these playlists are synchronised across all of the devices used to access Pure Music. There's even the ability to share playlists via Facebook and Twitter.

Furthermore, the music-stream services includes Pure Tag, a function that allows users to bookmark tracks they hear on the radio and then find out about the artists and their back catalogue, or even discover similar artists.

“Whether you are into chart hits or would prefer a trip down memory lane, Pure Music is the perfect service to allow you to find music and listen to individual tracks, full albums, or even mixtapes perfectly matched to  your mood. Pure Music is now at the heart of all of our internet radios, making it child’s play to find and enjoy any music you want directly on your favourite listening device. Forget the hassle of downloading and ripping – just search and enjoy," said Colin Crawford, director of marketing at Pure.

To register your interest in the service, visit Pure's dedicated website.