Pure Jongo with Caskeid Bluetooth

With the introduction of Caskeid Bluetooth, you can now use your Pure Jongo multiroom speakers (see our Jongo S3 review) with any audio app, including Spotify, Deezer and Rdio.

Previously, you were limited to Pure’s own Connect app if you wanted synchronised audio across multiple speakers. Now, you can have perfectly in-time music playing from any streaming service you like.

The new update to Caskeid means you can send audio from any source (any app on your Android or iOS device) to multiple speakers with a unique combination of Bluetooth and Wi-Fi. It’s as simple as starting playback and sending it via Bluetooth to a single Jongo speaker in a group. The Caskeid technology integrated into the Jongo speakers takes care of ensuring that music is then seamlessly and synchronously sent to all the speakers in the group.

Nick Hucker, Pure’s marketing director, said “Jongo was designed with flexibility in mind and now we’ve taken this concept a huge step further with Bluetooth Caskeid, which brings the worlds’ most accurate and advanced audio synchronisation technology together with the most comprehensive audio content, to a much wider audience, giving them the choice to listen to whatever they want, in great quality throughout the home.”