Barack Obama, in his maiden overseas voyage as the US head of state, has given the Queen an iPod.

President Obama meets the Queen

It may sound a bit like an April Fool's Day story, but we have the information from no less than the New York Times.

And not just any iPod, no siree. It's an iPod loaded with pictures and video of Her Majesty's 2007 visit to Virginia, where she went to historical sites such as Jamestown and Williamsburg, as well as the state capital of Richmond. We don't know precisely what kind of iPod the President gave her - we hope he sprung for an iPod touch (laser-engraved, naturally); I'm sure the Queen has just been itching to get at the App Store.

iPod touch review

The Queen, by most reports, was currently rocking a circa 2005 6GB silver iPod mini, so I'm sure she'll be glad for the upgrade. In addition, Obama gave her a rare songbook signed by Richard Rodgers; the Queen, in return, gave him a signed, silver-framed photograph of her and the Duke of Edinburgh, the same gift she reputedly gives all her other important visitors - we hear that Russian Prime Minister Vladmir Putin does the exact same thing.

Perhaps people will stop going on about the Region 1 DVDs now.

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