A software company claims it can legally bypass Microsoft's Digital Right Management (DRM) system that stops digital music files, download using Nokia's Comes with Music service, being burnt to CD or transferred to other digital audio players.

The Nokia Comes with Music was launched earlier this year and allows users to download as many songs as they want from the Nokia Music Store for 12 months after purchasing a compatible Nokia handset, including the 5310 Music Edition or N95.

User of the Nokia Music Store can get their hands on tracks from Universal, Sony BMG and Warner Music Group artists, after the three record labels signed deals with the phone manufacturer, earlier this year.

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The Nokia Music Store currently offers WMA files that include DRM to ensure the tracks are only played on your compatible handset alone and are restricted to the PC on which your Nokia music library is stored.

However, according to Tunebite, which produces the Universal Converter software, they can remove the DRM by playing the tracks silently and re-recording them. It won't work for tracks downloaded onto your phone only though.

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The software costs €20 (£18) and is available from Tunebite's website.

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