Online music service Napster has released a new version of its software which features Automix - a function that will generate playlists based on tracks selected by the user.

Napster says the new feature is a great way to discover new music, while it also includes a 'Mood Manager' tool enabling users to define their choice of music depending on their state of mind.

Napster music-sharing site review

Napster offers over seven million tracks from major labels, including the likes of Britney Spears and Akon. Users can purchase a monthly subscription, priced at either £9.95 or £12.95, that allows them to listen to music on their PCs. However, Napster also offers DRM-free (Digital Rights Management) WMA-encoded files for 79p each. These can be transferred to digital audio players

Napster 4.6, the new version of the software, can be downloaded from Napster's website.

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"Napster's mission has always been to enable consumers to explore and share the world of music as simply as possible. The introduction of Napster 4.6 with its optimised user interface and exciting new features offers music fans endless possibilities to enjoy their favourite music at anytime and wherever they are," said Thorsten Schliesche, vice president, sales and marketing in Europe.

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