Logitech UE Boom Red Bull F1

Logitech has announced that it has struck a deal with reigning Formula 1 champions Red Bull Racing.

The partnership means that Logitech has designed and produced a special edition of its Ultimate Ears (UE) Boom Bluetooth speaker. It not only comes in Red Bull F1 packaging but uses the matches the team's blue colour scheme. We were lucky enough to visit the F1 factory to hear the news and take a look at the speaker itself. See also: Logitech UE Mobile Boombox review.

The speaker itself is no different from the original model in terms of the hardware on offer. However, the waterproof speaker has some new sound effects to fit it with the sport which it is now associated with including engine sounds when you turn it on and wheel guns once you pair a device. See all audio reviews.

Where can I buy this special edition UE Boom speaker? We hear you asking. Well it's such a special edition that you can't even buy it in the shops or at Red Bull's shop at the F1 factory in Milton Keynes.

To get your hands on the Red Bull UE Boom you'll have to be a VIP guest of the F1 team at a grand prix race. If you're lucky enough to be on the guest list then included in your goodie bag, among other things, will be this special edition UE Boom.

So it's good news if you're popping along to Red Bull's hospitality at a grand prix any time soon – Silverstone is this weekend – but if not then you'll have to get a regular model (or check eBay in case any guests fancy making a few bob by selling their gift).