Thinking of how to buy a cheap iPod?

If your Apple iPod is rapidly filling up with songs, videos and photos or you just can't wait to get your hands on the latest iPod nano/shuffle/classic/touch versions read on for our tips on how to get a new iPod on the cheap.

It takes some forward planning, so you may have to start now for your next iPod purchase in a year or so's time.

Apple's prices start at £32 for its iPod shuffle, £109 for the iPod nano, £179 for the iPod classic, and £169 for the iPod touch. That's a lot less than a few years ago, but you can more than halve this cost and still get a brand new iPod.

The trick - and it's a rather obvious one - to paying less for one of these lovely new MP3 players is to get the most from your existing old iPod.

Older iPods are selling on eBay for as much as half the cost of the new ones.

For example, bids on an 80GB iPod video can easily go over £100 - which would mean that a shiny new 120GB model could be yours for about £75. I even found one with a broken screen selling for £67!

1GB iPod shuffles are selling for over £20, so a new 2GB model could be yours for half price.

An iPod nano can sell for as much as £70 on eBay, so a new one in one of the bright new colours shouldn't cost you much more than £40 if your auction deal is optimised as we suggest below.

  1. When you buy a new iPod always keep the original Apple packaging in as mint condition as possible. I know it's tempting to rip apart the box before ripping your tunes to the player, but the resale value of a nicely boxed iPod is much higher than one in a jiffy bag.
  2. Keep all the stuff it comes with. Apple stickers, earbud foam covers, cables, etc. The closer your second-hand iPod looks like a new (if in a slightly older design) one the more money it will reach at auction and the less money you'll need to spend on the new one.
  3. Always keep your iPod protected in a case to avoid scratches, knocks and general blemishes. Again, it's pretty obvious that the exterior condition of a for-sale iPod will significantly increase value.
  4. If that case won't fit the new iPod you're after, offer it with the iPod you're selling - and point out its retails price to expand the value of what you're selling.
  5. Either take a photo of the old iPod with all the extras (including packaging) or just show the mint condition box. Alternatively use the original Apple press shots (you'll need to grab these from the Apple site as soon as you buy the iPod).

Lastly, there's different arguments for when is best to sell items on eBay, but consensus seems to favour Sunday afternoon as the time you want your auction to end as that's when most people have time to search - and importantly increase their bids!

Don't lie about the state your old iPod is in, as this will affect your eBay feedback for next time, and is not nice anyway...

Good luck. You'll save money and make someone else rather happy with your old iPod. It's amazing to contemplate but not everyone needs maximum gigabyte capacity or the latest models. Some people just want a newish iPod in good condition with a reasonable capaity.