Ex-Beatle Paul McCartney has made his latest album available as MP3 files without Digital Right Management (DRM).

Under the name The Fireman, McCartney and collaborator and producer Youth, an original member of influential cult band Killing Joke, are offering 'Electric Arguments' as high quality 320kbps DRM-free MP3s, FLAC files and Apple Lossless files, all available to download from The Fireman website.

The album, which has been praised by critics, is also available as 'Digital + Deluxe Limited Edition,' box-set that features CD and vinyl copies of the album alongside bonus tracks on a CD and DVD as well as immediate downloads of the digital files.

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MySpace users and visitors to The Fireman website can also listen to the new album for free.

The move comes at a time when once again The Beatles back catalogue has been delayed from debuting on iTunes, due to what McCartney calls "a couple of sticking points".

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