High-end music server maker Olive Media has announced at CES a multiroom networked audio system that combines Olive's servers with loudspeakers from Thiel Audio.

The Olive+Thiel HD Music System adopts a new approach to home audio by connecting Olive's flagship 4+ HD music server to each speaker via Ethernet - eliminating the need for complicated installations or special shielding. Just two cables run to each speaker - the Ethernet cable and the power cable.

Olive says Thiel's speakers use the company's proprietary zöet IP-technology, which is designed to eliminate latency issues and perfectly synchronise sound to up to four pairs of speakers.

The Olive 4+ HD music server can store 6,000 CDs or 20,000 24-bit HD music tracks on its 2TB hard drive. Alternatively, you could attach an iPod, satellite radio or PC to the server's analog or USB audio inputs to broadcast music to all speakers in the network.

Users can search and select tracks on the server's 4.3in touchscreen, while a free iPhone app can control the server remotely over Wi-Fi. When listening to music in another room, the server is controlled via a remote control which communicates with an infra-red sensor on the Ethernet-connected speakers.

"Joining forces on the Olive+THIEL HD Music System allows us to offer a home music experience that plays normal CDs, but also extends the listening experience to the gold-master standard of 24-bit/192 kHz signals -the same quality used by studio recording engineers," said Dr. Oliver Bergmann, founder and CEO of Olive.

The Olive+Thiel HD music server will be available in the US later this month for $7,900 (£4,930). The partners plan to launch it in the UK in the coming weeks.

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