Music download service 7Digital is offering ISPs a range of services designed to let them offer music to customers as part of their subscription.

On offer is a vision in which 7Digital provides the permission, infrastructure and the rights to let ISPs offer their customers music in high quality, DRM-free MP3 format, so it will work with all music players.

Three different services are available:

- White label download services allowing broadband customers to purchase high quality MP3s directly from their ISP. The cost of the downloaded music will be automatically included in the customer's monthly bill

- Subscription and bundled services which allow customers to download music or stream tracks directly to their computer. This option can be included in a broadband subscription or as a premium cost option.

- A partnership with that offers ISPs the capacity to create a download service with minimal investment. The ISP can still offer free music as part of the customer's monthly package, but without the full costs of creating and managing a service.

Ben Drury, CEO of 7digital calls the new range of services "a natural step" for ISPs. He thinks it will enable ISPs to offer music downloads and streaming to their existing customers.

"We've always believed that the best way to combat piracy is to offer incredibly compelling legal services with great pricing and quality of service," Drury said.

"ISPs already have existing billing relationships with their customers providing internet access alongside services including email, anti-virus protection and online backup. With legal MP3 sales rocketing and 7digital pioneering the way, we are in a unique position to offer this full suite of services to suit individual ISP's requirements."