Apple's iPod nano video has won the PC Advisor Awards 2010 - Best Portable Entertainment Device award, after being named as the best model in its category to come through the PC Advisor Test Centre over the past 12 months.

The iPod nano has had more of a makeover than most Apple products of late, acquiring among other things a modest video camera that can capture VGA-resolution footage and show it off on its 2.2in display.

The screen has been lengthened to better accommodate scrollable lists of songs and make it into a mini-widescreen display suitable for video viewing. The smallest of the iPod range to have a screen (the shuffle is display-free), the fifth-generation nano has an FM radio, extended iTunes support that lets you tag specific tracks, and a pedometer so you can measure how far you've walked or jogged and boost your fitness efforts.

Apple iPod nano

The runners-up in the category were: Amazon Kindle 2, Apple iPod touch, Sony Reader PRS-505 and Sony Walkman X-series.

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