We will soon be seeing Amazon’s attempt to bring Alexa into a more mobile form-factor with the approaching launch of wireless earbuds to rival Apple’s AirPods.

The earbuds should be arriving in the second half of this year. The product will reportedly borrow some heavy inspiration from Apple’s own AirPods, but with an effort to provide better audio quality and the inclusion of voice commands courtesy of Alexa.

The information we have so far on the product is fairly thin with Amazon being very tight-lipped, but we do have some ideas about what to expect.

Amazon Alexa Earbuds: Price and Release Date

No word on an official price as of yet, nor a solid release date.

Given the current price of Apple’s latest AirPods being around the £159-199 ($159-199) mark, we can expect Amazon’s product to come in a little under this as it will traditionally attempt to undercut the competition.

Amazon released a slew of products around September 2018 and the earbuds appear to be on a similar track for a release in September this year, but that's an educated guess at best.

Amazon Alexa Earbuds: Features and Specs

With Alexa being central to the experience, Amazon’s headphones will apparently allow people to use their voice to order goods from the Amazon store, access music, weather reports or other information on the move.

As ever, Alexa’s functionality will be summoned by saying its name while physical gestures will allow you to end calls and switch between songs quickly and easily.

The earbuds reportedly won’t have cellular connectivity and so will require pairing with a phone to operate, which will mean working with both Google and Apple devices. Thankfully the Alexa app already does this, so fingers crossed for no early compatibility issues.

The earbuds will apparently come in a storage case that will double as a charger, which will use a standard USB-C cable to connect to a power supply.

These Earbuds will be Amazon's first Alexa wearable which marks a step forward for the company and is probably why this project has been a long time coming with some serious delays. Amazon's move into the smartphone world was less than impressive, so a solid entry with this product is essential for the reputation of its own hardware brand.

Bloomberg has reported that this project is one of the most important currently being taken on at Amazon's hardware division, so we're hopefull for something pretty special.