There are a huge range of headphones on the market to choose from and features like noise cancelling are confusing. Beats has been leading the way with top audio devices for 13 years and the Solo Pro headphones make for a great choice.

We can give you five reasons why they should be your next pair.

Active noise cancelling

If you’ve never used noise cancelling then you have the perfect excuse to upgrade to a new pair of headphones.

You’re also in for a treat as not only does it cut out unwanted noise from the world around you, whatever you’re listening to will also sound a whole lot better as a result.

When we talk about noise cancelling, we don’t mean noise isolation. The two can often be confused but isolation is just the effect of having headphones physically block your ears just like the ear plugs you might use to sleep at night.

Active noise cancelling involves real-time audio calibration on a digital scale. Microphones on the outside of the earcups listen to what’s happening around you, whether that’s traffic or people talking, and then play an inverted soundwave of that sound into your ear to cancel it out.

In simple terms, if the noise around you was the number 5, the Solo Pro headphones can play -5 to you resulting in 0.

Of course, the sound outside of the headphones isn’t always unwanted or you might need to hear it in order to be alerted to danger. Here’s where transparency mode comes in, allowing you to stay aware of your surroundings by letting some ambient sound to filter in so you don’t miss your gate call at the airport for example.

Multi-day battery life

Wireless headphones are great, apart from when you pick them up only to find the battery is completely drained. At this point, they’re only really good as makeshift earmuffs to keep you warm.

Luckily, the Solo Pro come with extremely long battery life with a whopping 22 hours of listening time. That’s good enough for plenty of albums, podcasts or even a couple of long haul flights.

Things get even better if you switch noise cancelling off, boosting the battery life to a mind-blowing 40 hours. You won’t even waste juice while they sit on your bedside table because when you take the headphones off and fold them down, this automatically switches them off.

Even when they do finally get low or die, Fast Fuel means you can get three hours of playback from a speedy 10 minute charge with Lightning port.

Sublime sound quality

Noise cancelling a long battery life makes for a good start but you want a pair of headphones to sound great and you can be assured of that when buying pair of Beats.

Gone are the days of simply blasting your ear drums with pounding bass. The Solo Pro are perfectly good a producing that hit of bass you require with presence and warmth but without getting out of control.

The sound is powerful but balanced so the other parts of the music like vocals still get to shine. They also provide excellent clarity and a wide soundstage so you can feel immersed in whatever you’ve chosen to listen to, whether that’s a heavy metal album or a relaxing audiobook.

Comfort and control

Great sounding headphones with noise cancelling are a fat lot of use if you can’t bear wearing them for longer than a few tracks. The Solo Pro are on-ear headphones but have large and soft earpads and self adjusting ear cups to keep things comfortable for long periods.

The folding design we mentioned earlier means they’re great for travelling and a carry case is included to keep them protected.

You’ll also stand out with the iconic Beats style. The company has worked with none other than Pharell Williams to create a range of colours that will suit a range or tastes, including the More Matte Collection which looks particularly suave in dark blue.

The design includes controls built-into the ear cup meaning you can quickly and easily skip tracks, adjust volume, take calls and more.

Cheaper than rivals

Despite all of the previous reasons, the Beats Solo Pro are available for less than key rivals, leaving you some change to spend on music to listen to on them.

You can pick them up for £269 from Currys PC World which, when you compare to similar pairs from the likes of Bose, Sennheiser and Sony, is up to £80 cheaper. That’s not a saving to be sniffed at.

And these aren’t just compatible with Apple’s iPhone, they also play nicely with Android, too.