Japan mourned the loss of tech visionary and Apple Chairman Steve Jobs.

Takashi Suguro "I had heard in the news that he wasn't well, and all people die sometime, but he triggered a revolution with devices like this, and I think this will mark the start of a new era."

Masaki Nakamura "It's really too bad. Without their CEO, you feel like there might not be any more interesting products from Apple, it makes you wonder what is going to happen from now."

In Tokyo’s Ginza district passersby at the Apple Store laid flowers in a makeshift memorial to Jobs. A candlelight vigil was also planned.

Atsuko Shibata, 46 "The presence of Steve Jobs was a big part of their products. I hope that somehow things can continue to go well."

Another Apple fan, who had often been first in line for iPhone launches sported an Apple necklace and silver ring in the shape of the Apple command key.

Miyuki Noma "I was very shocked. I've always liked and used Apple products, I knew this day would come, but I didn't know it be today, I've been crying since morning."

She shared a similar sentiment with many other Apple fans and tech enthusiasts.

Steve Jobs really changed my life. I just want to say thank you. Rest in peace.

In Chiba, Japan, Nick Barber IDG News Service.