New iPad is explained by Apple Tim Cook, Apple CEO, “It’s time to answer those questions…”

Apple’s newest iPad was dubbed just that—the  ‘new iPad’ and shown in side-by-side comparisons with the iPad2 for Screen quality demonstrations on Wednesday in San Francisco. See also: New iPad review.

New iPad review

Vice President of Marketing Philip Schiller said the new iPad’s retina display makes content look clean and crisp, with no visible pixilation marks. Visit Group test: what's the best tablet PC?

The new iPad is essentially the same size and outward design as the iPad 2, but this one will be available with 4G LTE, which should make checking email for photos- as demonstrated here—a much faster process, since the connection will open photos more quickly.

The new iPad also comes with a new Apple designed internal chip—a Dual-core A5X.  Apple says it allows for better graphics display and to prove it, brought three app developers to the stage to demo their products on the iPad. Read Apple launches new iPad: full details

Besides gamers, Apple thinks photography fans will be pleased with the iPad, and unveiled its souped-up iPhoto editing software at the event too.

The new iPad is available for pre-order now and will be available in some countries March 16. Prices start at $499, and the iPad 2 beginning price will drop 100 dollars.

Apple also announced various other application updates, the addition of Japanese to the list of languages Siri, the iPhone virtual assistant, can understand and speak, and also announced a next-generation Apple TV. Visit new iPad launch: as it happened.

From San Francisco, Kerry Davis, IDG News Service.