Apple Stores around the world become shrines to Jobs

It all started early in San Francisco—where a few flowers within an hour of the news of Steve Jobs’ death became a crowd outside of a downtown Apple Store. Fans wrote post-it notes of thanks, stuck them to the glass, then silently took it all in by candlelight.

Further down the Bay, Traffic outside Job’s home in Palo Alto grew so congested that police had to close the street.

Soon enough, make-shift memorials were popping up in Tokyo, where super-fans went to grieve.

“I cried when I heard the news…”

And in Beijing, a fan played guitar and sang in front of a flower-laden store.

A makeshift memorial popped up outside of an Apple Store in London early Thursday, and in Paris, a gray-sky silohetted an Apple flag, where Parisans and tourists left flowers as a sign of respect.

In New York, fans laid apples as often as they did flowers. Jobs’, some said, was like no other.

“I think his legacy is to make things simple when designing for each other.”

With many IDG reporters, Kerry Davis, IDG News Service.