Yesterday we created a gallery of amazing photos of Steve Jobs from his early hairy years with Apple co-founder Steve Wozniak to the painful dignity in which his extraordinary life sadly ended.

Such was the response we've unearthed a whole load more rare photos of the man who changed the world of technology, music and computing. And that's not including the Steve Jobs baby photos...

Many of these rare photos are taken from Steve's 30th birdthday special video.

Steve Jobs grin

It's not true that Steve was never truly happy with Apple's products.

Steve Jobs smart bow tie

Or that he always dressed down.

Steve Jobs Apple campus early

Steve Jobs - the beige years. Well, you wouldn't want to detract from the colourful Apple logo, would you?

Steve Jobs on a motorbike

Easy Rider. Steve Jobs once called the computer " the bicycle of the mind". In which case, that's some powerful computer he's riding.

Steve Jobs with a gun

This one's particularly bizarre – Steve Jobs in Star Wars clobber, or is that just an Apple II keyboard necklace, and, erm, gun.

Steve Jobs old computers

One day you'll be able to do all this and more on something the size of a table mat.

Steve Jobs hairy friends

Apple – the Persil White years.

Steve Jobs John Sculley Pirate Flag

"Er, Steve, about that new Apple logo banner..." Tensions rising between Steve Jobs and John Sculley.

Steve Jobs teacher

Steve and the kids: One day this huge box will be much smaller and it will actually be able to do stuff.

Steve Jobs and the whiteboard

Early Steve Jobs presentations: braces but no belt.

Steve Jobs plans

Steve designed the 21st century new-look Apple campus back in the 1980s.

Steve Jobs Susan Kare

"No Susan, one day phones really could be this small."

Steve Jobs and Ella Fitzgerald

Matching bow ties for Steve Jobs and Ella Fitzgerald at the Apple millionaire's 30th birthday party.

John Sculley and Steve Jobs

There's something rather '1984' about this photo of Apple CEO John Sculley and the young man he is about to depose.

Steve Jobs hands

Steve trials the invisible iPad that got lost in the Apple R&D labs until spotted by Jony Ive twenty years later.

Steve Jobs - A life in pictures

Steve Jobs: the child

Steve Jobs, 1955-2011. RIP.