Speaking at the WWDC keynote in San Francisco this evening, Apple's Steve Jobs said the Apple Mac is "kicking ass", and that it continues to beat a declining market.

According to Jobs, the Apple Mac customer base continues to grow at a tremendous pace. He said there are more than 54 million active Mac users around the world, and the userbase is growing. And Jobs had plenty to say to his rivals at Microsoft: he said that in the last quarter the PC market actually shrank year over year at 1 percent while the Mac market grew 28 percent.  As with Windows PCs, laptops dominate: Mac sales are 73 percent notebooks, and 27 percent desktops.

Jobs said that the Mac has outgrown the industry in every quarter of the past five years. He said it was "because the products are incredible" (and made no mention of the fact that it started from a very low base).

The WWDC keynote in San Francisco was attended by more than 5,200 attendees and, according to Apple, sold out within two hours.

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