Siri for the Mac release date

When is Siri coming to the Mac? Rumour has it you could be speaking to your computer soon. Here's the latest Siri for Mac speculation.

Siri is Apple's voice-activated virtual assistant for iOS, currently available on iPad and iPhone to offer a hands-free way to achieve many objectives on your mobile, similar to Android's Google Now and Windows Phone's Cortana. So far, Siri has yet to reach the Mac, leaving OS X users without Apple's virtual assistant to help them. That could all be about to change. Here, we bring you the latest Siri for Mac rumours. See also: How Siri, Cortana and Google Now are replacing our brains

Siri for Mac release date: When is Siri for Mac coming out?

If Apple does decide to launch Siri for Mac, which we think is highly likely, it's possible that we could get the feature as soon as October with the release of the next version of OS X: OS X 10.10 Yosemite. Yosemite is currently being tested by developers and members of Apple's beta program, but is expected to be released to the public within the next few months.

Siri for Mac rumours

One of the reasons we're convinced that Siri will arrive on the Mac eventually (it's been available for iPhone since the iPhone 4S launched in 2011) is a patent filed by Apple in 2013, which was recently published by the US Patent and Trademark Office.

The patent application, which spans a whopping 92 pages, describes an "intelligent digital assistant in a desktop environment," which can basically be translated to Siri for the Mac. 

"The integration of an at least partially voice-controlled intelligent digital assistant into a desktop, laptop, and/or tablet computer environment provides additional capabilities to the digital assistant, and enhances the usability and capabilities of the desktop, laptop, and/or tablet computer," reads the patent.

The patent goes on to explain that the Mac can "support more complex and sophisticated interactions and functionalities than many small mobile devices," and therefore could allow more advanced capabilities for Siri.

It could allow users to multitask like never before. They would be able to continue working on a document in a word processor while using Siri to carry out a web search, for example.

It would also speed up many tasks, and could use the position of the curser to determine what you're working with. An example shown in a patent illustration is the command: "Sort these by date and merge into a new document."

Siri on the Mac would be activated using a trackpad gesture, the patent suggests.

If Siri does come to the Mac, it could also be used in conjunction with Apple's recently announced HomeKit framework, designed to help with the idea of a 'connected home.'

It could work with iOS, too. In the patent application, Apple says that Siri could be "invoked to cooperate with the user to complete a task that the user has already started on a user device," which seems to point to the use of Siri with the Continuity features coming to iOS and OS X with iOS 8 and Yosemite this autumn. See also: iOS 7 vs iOS 8 comparison review

We'll update this article as we spot more information about Siri for the Mac, so check back regularly for updates.