Intel's new game changing processors have done just that, changed the game - and now all of a sudden Apple's current MacBook Pro laptops has out of date hardware. So what is Apple doing about it? Making a new Macbook Pro with Intel's Ivy Bridge processors and upgraded specs, that's what.

So, having covered numerous Apple launches before, we feel that the best way to stay on top of what Apple and its manufacturers decide to leak, is to create what we like to call a 'New MacBook Pro release date, specs and rumour round-up'. And much like a well known wood varnish, this will do exactly what it says (on the tin). (Follow it live with our WWDC Keynote live blog.)

Anyway, that's more than enough waffle for one intro, let's get knee-deep in a New Macbook Pro release date, specs and rumour round-up: See also iPhone 5 release date, specs and rumour round up.

New MacBook Pro release date

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There seems to be a general consensus across the web that the new MacBook Pro will be announced at Apple's Worldwide Developers Conference in June.

The June theory is backed up by the fact that existing MacBook Pro's are starting to appear as 'out of stock' in number Apple stores worldwide. when this has happened in the past it is usually because a new version of the product is on its way, hence the clearing of old stock.

Having said that, there are still one of two mavericks out there who believe the New MacBook Pro will be annouced along with the iPhone 5 in September.

New Macbook Pro: Retina display

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Intel has revealed that its Ivy Bridge processor is built for Retina display computers, hinting that Apple's redesigned range of MacBook Pros will have Retina display technology.

9to5Mac reports that Kirk Skaugen, Intel's Vice President and General Manager of the PC Client Group, revealed that the new processors are built for Retina display at the Intel Developer Forum that took place on 11 April.

The Ivy Bridge Processors that arrived at the end of the April, and it is widely predicted that Apple will overhaul its MacBook Pro range to coincide with the launch of Intel's new processors. The report points out that the term Retina display was coined by Apple, so it is interesting that Skaugen chose to use Apple's term when describing high-resolution computers. Read the full New Macbook Pro: Retina display story Ashleigh Allsopp.

New MacBook Pro: Dual drives, better battery

The next MacBook Pro might not be slim like a MacBook Air, a report today suggests that instead it may gain a bigger but longer lasting battery.

The MacBook Pro may still lose its optical drive, however. Losing the CD/DVD drive could free up space large enough for two 2.5in hard drives (or SSD drives). With this extra space, Apple could include a large capacity traditional hard drive, as well as a SSD drive that could be used as a boot volume.

The Slashdot report that is promoting the idea is based on a thread on Reddit, which doesn't necessarily lend it much credit. Read the full New MacBook Pro: Dual drives, better battery article by Karen Haslam.

Apple to drop 17in MacBook Pro

Apple will discontinue the 17in MacBook Pro upon the arrival of a completely new, thinner and more powerful MacBook model, according to KGI analyst Ming-Chi Kuo.

MacRumors reports that Kuo, who previously predicted a white iPod touch and the end of the MacBook correctly, believes that low sales of the 17in MacBook Pro have led Apple to the decision to drop the model from its MacBook line-up.

In a report published on 22 April, Kuo said: "Apple will roll out a fully new MacBook model in early 3Q12, boasting strong performance and easy carryability by combining the advantages of MacBook Air and MacBook Pro. While adding new products, Apple is likely to stop making the 17in MacBook Pro this year due to falling shipments in order to maintain a lean product line strategy," Kuo added. Read the full Apple to drop 17in MacBook Pro article by Ashleigh Allsopp.

Apple prepares OS X for new Retina display Macs

Apple has been preparing its operating systems for high resolution Macs, adding evidence to the rumour that the next generation line-up of MacBooks will have Retina displays.The OS X 10.7.4 update released by Apple on Wednesday was hiding some changes that may seem minor at first glance, but could indicate that Apple is about to launch something major.

Apple Insider reports that Apple's built-in TextEdit application's icon's highest quality version has been increased to 1,024-by-1,024 pixels, double that of the previous 512-by-512 pixels in the icon before the update. The increase in pixels readies the icon for a Retina display. The file size of the icon also grew from 209 kilobytes in OS X 10.7.3 to 1.7 megabytes in 10.7.4, reveals the report. Read the full Apple prepares OS X for new Retina display Macs story by Ashleigh Allsopp.

Apple will not use Liquidmetal in the New MacBook Pro

One of the inventors of Liquidmetal, Atakan Peker, has said that Apple is 'unlikely' to use the alloy in its next MacBook range, but he does expect the company to use the technology in a 'breakthrough product'.

"Given the size of MacBook and scale of Apple products, I think it's unlikely that Liquidmetal casing will be used in MacBooks in the near term," said Peker in an interview with Business Insider. "A MacBook casing, such as a unibody, will take two to four more years to implement." Read the full Apple will not use Liquidmetal in the New MacBook Pro story by Ashleigh Allsopp.