Apple’s iPhone and iPad aren’t cheap, so it’s little surprise that its proud owners want to insure their smartphone and tablet.

In the three months ending 31 December 2011 28 percent of all mobile phone insurance searches in the UK included the word ‘iPhone’, according to Experian Hitwise data.

Over Christmas the iPad was the most searched for Apple product online, and that in turn saw demand for iPad insurance increase. In the final week of December searches for iPad insurance doubled, with the majority of clicks coming from organic links.

Despite this obvious need for gadget insurance currently none of the big insurance providers are jumping on this growing trend of insuring iPhones and iPads, smartphones and tablets.

Hitwise looked at the downstream traffic from all searches for iPad insurance in the four weeks ending 31 December 2011. The biggest recipient was, followed by Protect your Bubble, a specialist gadget insurer.

The iPad’s main market competitor, the Amazon Kindle eReader hasn’t attracted anything like the same kind of demand for insurance search terms, notes Hitwise – although this is probably because the Kindle is much cheaper. The Kindle retails from as little as £89, while the iPhone 4S starts at £499 and the iPad from £399.

In terms of search volume, iPad insurance received more than five times as many clicks as Kindle insurance.

“Mobile phone insurance is by no means a new thing, but people are certainly more conscious about getting their mobiles insured now than ever before, and in particular it is the Apple iPhones that generate the most mobile insurance search queries online,” said Hitwise.

The graph below shows how mobile insurance searches spiked dramatically in the first week of October 2011, which coincided with the launch of the Apple iPhone 4S.

iPhone and mobile phone insurance