iPhone 5C in white

Apple's upcoming budget iPhone 5C has been shown in the most convincing and detailed leak yet. See also: Live coverage of Apple event from Cupertino, California.

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If you didn't believe that Apple would launch a budget and plastic version of its iPhone then perhaps these high resolution photos will sway you the other way somewhat. The main leak comes from Sonny Dickson and shows the iPhone 5C with a classic white MacBook-esque design. (See also: iPhone 5C vs iPhone 5S comparison review: what's the difference between iPhone 5C and iPhone 5S?)

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Apple will allegedly unveil the iPhone 5C, along with the iPhone 5S, in September as it launches iOS 7 fully.

Like the current iPhone 5, the 5C looks like it will have a headphone jack on the bottom along with a Lightning connector and a speaker - although, interestingly, the speaker grille only has four holes. A rear facing camera is similarly placed with an accompanying LED flash.

iPhone 5C ports

We've picked a couple of the best shots of the supposed iPhone 5C but there are plenty more over at Sonny Dickson for you to inspect.

As well as white, the iPhone 5C has been spotted in blue, red, yellow and green colour options - incidentally the colours used in iOS 7.

iPhone 5C colours

The iPhone 5C is rumoured to be prices at between £300 and £350 in the UK, putting it up against devices like the Samsung Galaxy S4 mini and HTC One mini. We're hoping Apple doesn't go and call it the iPhone mini, though.

As usual we're taking these photos with a pinch of salt as a plastic shell could be made fairly easily with the right equipment. However, the pictures look very convincing so we could well be looking at Apple's iPhone 5C.

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