how much is the iPhone 5c going to cost in the uk?

Apple new flagship iPhone 5S has come along with a cheaper and plastic iPhone 5C, so you probably want to know how much it costs. Here's the UK price and pre-order information for the UK. See also: Live: new iPhone launch - Apple 2013 iPhone event live. Updated on 17/09/13. See also: iPhone 5C review.

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iPhone 5C: UK price

If you thought the 'C' in iPhone 5C stands for cheap then wait until you hear the price. It's cheap for an iPhone but not compared to the wider smartphone market. It comes it two models - 16 GB and 32 GB - priced at £469 and £549 respectively.

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There are five different colours to choose from - white, pink (red in our opinion), blue, green and yellow - and you can pre-order from 13 September before the iPhone 5C goes on sale a week later on 20 September. See also: Apple iPhone 5S vs iPhone 5 comparison review: What's the new iPhone got? and iPhone 5C vs iPhone 5S comparison review: what's the difference between iPhone 5C and iPhone 5S?

Below is how much we thought the iPhone 5C would cost before Apple's launch event.

iPhone 5C price: PCA predictions

Matt Egan – Editor-In-Chief

I think the iPhone 5C will cost around £400 in the UK. This would put it in line with the best 'mid-range' Android and Windows phones, and would allow Apple to attract users from a new and slightly lower price band, without cheapening the iPhone brand. Critically, it will also allow Apple to build a phone that works well and can replace the still on sale iPhone 4, without eating into its profit margins.

A £400 iPhone 5C could easily have an A5 processor with a decent dollop of RAM and storage, as well as a respectable and well-sized display. And it would encourage those new users to spend cash in the iTunes store: Apple has no interest in budget users who spend only budget amounts of cash.

Price: £400

Jim Martin - Editor

We've already seen plenty of photos of the supposed iPhone 5C, and it's highly likely it will have the same 4in screen as the current iPhone 5. Currently Apple charges £319 for the old 8GB iPhone 4, which will be discontinued when the new iPhone(s) launch, putting the 4S in the bottom spot. The lowest-capacity 4S is 16GB, so Apple might charge £349 for this, a drop of £100 on the current price.

My prediction is that the new iPhone 5C will take up the 4S's old position at £449, maintaining its premium status, but offering a significant saving over an iPhone 5 (which will probably be replaced by the 5S at the same, or higher price).

Price: £449

Andrew Harrison – Reviews Editor

The iPhone 5C will not only take the place of the iPhone 4S as the entry-level iPhone – it will be an iPhone 4S, this time dressed in a new plastic technicolored dreamcoat of assorted colours.

As such the iPhone 5C will be based on the same dual-core Apple A5 processor, and with similar specs elsewhere (so no 4G LTE to drive up the price), perhaps topping out with 32 GB of flash storage. The lower-grade plastic shell will allow Apple to drop the price from the current £449 for the 4S, to £399.

Price: £399

David Court – Online Editor

I think Apple will be looking to keep the cost of the iPhone 5C down by keeping most of the specs similar to the existing (out of date) iPhone 4S. The main difference will be the plastic shell. So, I'm expecting a very colourful iPhone 5C with a price starting at around the £399 mark for an 8GB model.

The fact that several friends have already told me they want the “pink or yellow” iPhone - without realizing the fact that the colourful iPhones will be a lower specced smartphone than the current iPhone 5 – is something Apple will need to address carefully though. However, getting people to ‘upgrade` from an iPhone 4S to an iPhone 4S with a pink plastic case (the iPhone 5C) would be a marketing stroke of genius if it comes off.

Price: £399

Marie Brewis – Group Managing Editor

I find it difficult to believe Apple would allow the term 'cheap' to be associated with its premium brand. So, whether the C in 5C refers to 'cheap' or 'colour', I'm not convinced that an iPhone '5C' will be announced. However, Apple needs to address the increasingly strong Android competition, and it can't do that while maintaining - perhaps even increasing – the iPhone's premium pricing. Rather than taking a hit in the wallet, there will be a 'budget' iPhone. I wouldn't be surprised if a lower–specified iPhone 5S option was made available, possibly with a 'funner' coloured-plastic case, and a price Apple hopes will sway the less diehard Android fans. It won't do that for a penny more than £399.

Price: £399.

Chris Martin – Senior Staff Writer

If Apple does launch an iPhone 5C, which seems inevitable, it will be a budget version of the iPhone 5S made with a plastic shell and likely other downgrades. However, it won't be the sub £200 budget which we typically use to define a cheap Android or Windows Phone handset – no matter how hard we wish.

With the iPhone 5S set to either retain the current pricing system or even get a price increase I think the 5C will start at £349 and only come in one or two storage options so the pricing doesn't overlap.

Price: £349.

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