iPad 5 casing

The iPad 5 is expected to arrive in a matter of weeks and the rear casing has been leaked online. See also: Apple event live: iPad 5 and iPad mini 2 launch.

See also: iPad 5 release date, price and specs rumours.

The leak comes via sw-box.com and show that the iPad 5 will share the squarer casing of the iPad mini. It also shows that the iPad 5 will be smaller, thinner and lighter compared to its predecessor, the iPad 4.

The iPad 5 will be 169.5 x 239.2 mm down from 185.7 x 241.2 mm. The measurements mean we can expect narrower bezels on the iPad 5, much like the iPad mini. The site says that the casing is 7.2 mm thick compared to 9.4 mm.

The tablet is shown in 'slate grey' alongside the iPad mini and iPad 4, displaying the differences. The iPad 5 will retain the classic 9.7 in screen size as previous generations.

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As well as the dimensions, a hands-on video with the iPad 5 (below) shows that the volume buttons are separate, like the iPad mini and latest iPhone models. There's also a machined hole at the top of the casing, for the microphone.

The iPad 5 is expected to come with a faster processor and a better camera, potentially the same A7 and iSight found on the iPhone 5S. It could well come with the TouchID fingerprint scanner, too.

The latest rumours suggest that Apple will announce the iPad 5, along with an iPad mini 2, on 15 October. That's only a couple of weeks away so we'll keep you up to date with any developments.

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