The Apple rumour machine has gone into overdrive today because respected website (in Apple rumour circles) All Things D reported that sources familiar with Apple's plans have tipped it the wink that the iPad 3 with be launched in the first week of March. The website even stated that the unveiling event will take place at the popular Apple venue, the Yerna Nuena Center for Arts in San Francisco. Follow the Apple iPad 3 launch live with our liveblog from the event: Live: Apple iPad 3 launch.

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All Things D went on to say the new tablet's specs are "pretty much" as reported, but specified that it would include the 2048x1536 Retina Display and a "much faster chip, sporting an improved graphics processing unit". See our iPad 3 release date and features rumour round-up story, for more details.

Excatly when the device is set to go on sale is still unknown, but if we look towards history for clues, we know that Apple like to strike while the iron is still reasonably hot and devices usually go on sale one or two weeks after launch events; as did the iPad 2 and iPhone 4S.

Unsuprisingly Apple have yet to confirm this rumour, simply repeating one of their favourite catch-phrases that the company does "not comment on rumours or speculation".

Another rumour that is being batted about today is that the iPad 3 will have a new camera, new LCD and bigger battery.

Pictures of the 'new iPad 3' back housing have emerged on the RepairLabs blog that - if real - suggest there are some significant hardware upgrades.

On the Repair-Labs blog they have included a picture with detailed labels and explanations as to how each section of the 'iPad 3 back housing' is different to the iPad 2.

A. New logic board mount.

B. More space for a bigger battery.

C. Camera is different size and shape (no specs available)

D. LCD has different mounting device, which heavily suggest the iPad 3 will feature a new and improved screen and previously rumoured.

The blog goes on to report, that the iPad 3 does not appear to be any thicker than the previous model.

iPad 3 will launch in first week of March