Facebook Home Chat Heads for iPhone

Facebook has announced it is bringing certain elements of its Facebook Home app to iPhone and iPad.

In an update to the Facebook app, the Chat Head messaging feature of Facebook Home has been added to the iPhone. The news comes as reports suggest Apple and Facebook are in talks about bringing the entire experience to iOS. See alsoFacebook Home, HTC First FAQ: What you need to know.

This seems unlikely since iOS is far more locked down than Android and the Facebook Home app takes over much of the operating system.

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But for now, Chat Heads allows users to keep on messaging while using the Facebook app. Circular profile pictures of the sender can be moved around the screen and clicked to reply. When you're done, simply drag them towards the bottom of the screen to close them.

A new addition called Stickers lets users add emoticon style images to messages. In what seems like a money grabbing scheme, users can buy additional Stickers from the aptly named Sticker Store.

Facebook said: "This update to Facebook for iOS will be available later today in the App Store. Chat heads and stickers on the Facebook app for iPhone will roll out fully over the next few weeks."

On the iPad side of things, the Facebook app is being updated with a fresh look to the News Feed which was announced at the beginning of March. The cleaner look includes a choice of feeds: All friends, photos, music and following.

Meanwhile, Facebook Home for Android has now hit the UK Google Play Store. So if you have a Samsung Galaxy S3, Samsung Galaxy Note 2HTC One X or HTC One X+ you can download it now. Support for the HTC One and Samsung Galaxy S4 will be added soon.

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