Apple's iPhone 4 was blighted by 'Antennagate', which saw hundreds of users complaining about call dropping issues after Apple moved the antennae of the smartphone to the exterior of the device. The issue was resolved by fitting a rubber 'bumper' to the handset. But as the latest iteration of Apple's smartphone boasts the same design as its previous incarnation, do iPhone 4S owners need also need a bumper?

Just days after Apple released the iPhone 4 in June last year, users of Apple's handset began complaining the device would lose a signal and drop calls, or the signal indicator would show a weakened signal, when the smartphone was gripped in a certain way - particularly if it was held in the left hand.

Hundreds of users took to the web to vent their frustration over the issue, although no-one at PCA Towers suffered from the problems. Apple further inflamed the problem when it claimed "gripping any phone will result in some attenuation of its antenna performance with certain places being worse than others depending on the placement of the antennas. This is a fact of life for every wireless phone".

Antennaegate continued to gain momentum and resulted in Apple giving away free bumpers, which are essentially a ring of rubber and plastic that surrounds the edge of the Apple smartphone, to iPhone 4 users that had experienced the call dropping problem, in a bid to alleviate the issue.

Apple also offered a refund to anyone that had already purchased one of the £25 bumpers, that were initially made available for purchase before the announcement about the give-away was made.

At the time, Apple said just only 0.5 percent of the three million iPhone 4 owners had complained about the call dropping issue to its Apple Care and the percentage of owners who returned their phones was less than that for the iPhone 3GS released in 2009. Furthermore, they'd received more than 5,000 emails from users who didn't have problems from their device.

But since the latest iteration of Apple's smartphone, the iPhone 4S, boasts the same design, surely it also suffers from the same problems and needs a bumper?

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