Bono joins the long list of celebrities and world leaders paying tribute to Apple founder and chairman Steve Jobs, who died on October 5.

The outspoken U2 frontman called Jobs “the hardware software Elvis,” although Jobs certainly had more credibility than the King of Rock ‘n’ Roll at the end of his life.

Steve Jobs and Bono appeared on stage together promoting a special U2 Edition Apple iPod in 2004, although the band later promoted iPhone rival BlackBerry.

Bono said that Jobs was someone who was "only interested in doing truly great things”.

“In a world littered with dull objects, he brought the beauty of clean lines and clear thought. This rhyme of intellect and intuition could be applied to a wide range of subjects from the US education system, to sculpture, to the fight against HIV/AIDS where his support of (RED) literally transformed the lives of two million people in Africa.

“Jobs changed music, he changed film, he changed the personal computer and turned telephony on its head while he was at it.

“Steve told me as proud as he was of Apple and Pixar, his real pride was his family. He was a thoughtful and tender father, and loved nothing more than hanging out in the house with his belle Laurene and the kids. We will all miss the hardware software Elvis.

Steve Jobs and Bono U2

In 2004 music fan Jobs was equally effusive about U2: “U2 is one of the greatest bands in the world and we are floored to be working with them. We just want to make some innovative products together, and we hope U2 fans will love having their very own special edition iPod.”

US singer Bono responded: “We want our audience to have a more intimate online relationship with the band, and Apple can help us do that. With iPod and iTunes, Apple has created a crossroads of art, commerce and technology which feels good for both musicians and fans.”

Last month Bono defended Apple against accusations that Apple had done little for charity: “As a founder of (Product)RED, I’d like to point out that Apple’s contribution to our fight against AIDS in Africa has been invaluable.

“Through the sale of (RED) products, Apple has been (RED)’s largest contributor to the Global Fund to Fight AIDS, Tuberculosis and Malaria — giving tens of millions of dollars that have transformed the lives of more than two million Africans through HIV testing, treatment and counselling. This is serious and significant. And Apple’s involvement has encouraged other companies to step up.

“I’m proud to know him; he’s a poetic fellow, an artist and a businessman. Just because he’s been extremely busy, that doesn’t mean that he and his wife, Laurene, have not been thinking about these things. You don’t have to be a friend of his to know what a private person he is or that he doesn’t do things by halves.

“Steve Jobs said when we first approached him about (RED), “There is nothing better than the chance to save lives.”

Previously US president Barack Obama described Jobs as being "among the greatest of American innovators".