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The best iPhone X cases for 2018

With prices for the phone starting at £999/$999, you'll want to be sure to protect your iPhone X from the start with the best available cases - all for a lot less than a grand each. We've tested as many cases as we can - both snap-on and wallets - to save you from the duds.


  • best iphone x case product red Apple Leather Folio
  • silicone Apple Silicone Case
  • spigen imac blondi blue case iphone x Spigen Bondi Blue
  • leather Apple Leather Case
  • pitaka magcase iphone x Pitaka Magcase
  • 54656 ted baker mirror folio case shannon black rose gold ww ss16 iphone 8 02 Ted Baker for iPhone X
  • visionseries Snugg Vision
  • carved satellite iphone x case Carved Satellite
  • lovecases marble iphone x LoveCases White Marble
  • pulse Snugg Pulse
  • nomad rugged leather Nomad Rugged Case
  • infinity Snugg Infinity
  • iphone x carbon case Proporta
  • windsor Windsor by Gear4
  • mujjo Mujjo Full Leather
  • ix vintage wallet plum 7 600x600 Snakehive
  • 55400 greenwich blake folio case card slot seal electroplated gunmetal iphone 8 01 Blake Leather Folio
  • greenwhich iphone x case horo Horo Leather Folio
  • pizzacase Call Candy Pizza Case
  • gb43684 suvivor extreme peach blktint 01 Griffin Survivor
  • screen shot 2017 10 30 at 6 12 Olixar-Ranger Survival
  • speck presidio iphonex Speck Presidio cases
  • tech21 evo tactical iphone Tech21 Evo Tactical
  • pad quill bella fino iphone x Pad & Quill Wallet
  • skinit iphone x Skinit
  • caudabe synthesis iphone x Caudabe Synthesis
  • element roll cage iphone x Element Roll Cage
  • poetic revolution Poetic Revolution
  • mous iphone x walnut Mous
  • luxarmor elite iphone x LuxArmor Elite
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Apple iPhone X Leather Folio

The most expensive of Apple’s collection of iPhone X cases is the iPhone X Leather Folio.

Apple just introduced the (Product)RED variation (pictured) of this case with the launch of the (Product)RED iPhone 8. Part of the proceeds from this support the Global Fund's efforts in HIV/AIDS prevention, treatment and counselling. You can find the Leather Folio case in fourteen colours, including the two new swatches: Electric Blue and Soft Pink.

This case provides the luxurious look and feel of the iPhone X Leather case in addition to a protective flap and space for exterior storage.

Opening and closing the case activates your iPhone X and puts it to sleep.

Lastly, storage on the back of the case eliminates the need for users to carry a wallet, leaving space for bank cards, receipts and etc.

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The most expensive of Apple’s collection of iPhone X cases is the iPhone X Leather Folio.

Apple just introduced the (Product)RED variation (pictured) of this case with the launch of the (Product)RED iPhone 8. Part of the proceeds from this support the Global Fund's efforts in HIV/AIDS prevention, treatment and counselling. You can find the Leather Folio case in fourteen colours, including the two new swatches: Electric Blue and Soft Pink.

This case provides the luxurious look and feel of the iPhone X Leather case in addition to a protective flap and space for exterior storage.

Opening and closing the case activates your iPhone X and puts it to sleep.

Lastly, storage on the back of the case eliminates the need for users to carry a wallet, leaving space for bank cards, receipts and etc.

Apple iPhone X Silicone Case

A classic Apple design, the Silicon Case combines protection for your iPhone X and comfort for the user. The device rests on a soft microfibre lining with a protective silicone exterior.

Though the slightly raised edges offer some protection to the front screen, an additional screen protector is recommended for optimal safeguarding.

The Silicone Case also complements the iPhone X nicely as it's compatible for wireless charging.

You can purchase the Apple Silicone case for £39/$39 directly from Apple. Its available in a selection of fourteen different colours, which include the new shades Lemonade, Red Raspberry and Denim Blue. You can also find a (Product)RED version of the Silicone case.

Spigen Classic C1 Bondi Blue, iMac 20th Anniversary Case for iPhone X

We love Spigen's Classic C1 iMac 20th Anniversary Special Edition Case for iPhone X, which honours the original iMac with a translucent Bondi Blue and clear plastic cover.

It's actually a three-piece case, with a protective shell underneath the Bondi Blue and clear plastic outers, offering double protection from knocks and drops.

While it's sturdy it's super lightweight and doesn't stop wireless charging as some thicker cases do.

Apple iPhone X Leather Case

The iPhone X Leather Case offers a French leather finish with a natural patina that develops over time.

With a snug fit that’s similar to Apple’s Silicone Case, the microfibre lining provides a soft interior in addition to the leather shell.

The iPhone X Leather Case comes in thirteen colours including the freshly introduced Bright Orange, Lemonade, Electric Blue and Soft Pink. This case is also available in the (Product)RED version, if you're feeling philanthropic.

The Leather case is compatible with wireless charging. You can buy this case from Apple for £49/$49.

Pitaka Magcase for iPhone X

The Pitaka Magcase is a great-looking minimalist case, with a simple black/grey finish to the carbon fibre body, and a thin design that adds hardly any bulk to the iPhone X.

It doesn't skimp on protection though, in part thanks to the included tempered glass screen protector, so both sides of your phone are safe.

Ted Baker for iPhone XS/X

We love Ted Baker's cases for iPhone X, particularly this Shannon Mirror Folio case (£39.95/$59.95), which protects the front and back of the iPhone and also has a handy mirror in the inside cover.

The Ted Baker cases are well priced, too, with shell cases available for £29.95/$39.95 and folio cases for up to £39.95/$59.95.

Vision Series for iPhone XS/X

The Vision Series by Snugg has a slim and lightweight design for protection without the bulk. A TPU shell coupled with strengthened bumpers acts as a shock-absorbing shield to protect against unprecedented impact.

Raised bezels also offer some protection to the front display of your iPhone.

The Vision Series is available to purchase in a range of colours from Amazon.

All of Snugg’s phone cases come with a lifetime guarantee policy, so if you ever have an issue with one of the cases, Snugg will repair or replace it.

Carved Satellite Case for iPhone X

If you're looking for something unique then Carved is on hand with some of the most stunning cases you can find.

The Satellite range is made from both wood and resin and are 'inspired by the beauty of our earth from the perspective of a satellite'.

No two cases are the same and combination looks like a Google Maps views of some of the most amazing places on earth. Some look like rivers while others storm fronts or glaciers. They're truly gorgeous.

Not only that but the case fits like a glove, doesn't restrict the use of the buttons (speakers and Lightning port too) and has extra grip on the sides. Also check out the Live Edge case too.

LoveCases Marble iPhone X Case

LoveCases offers some brilliantly priced options for protecting your iPhone X. We particularly like this slim and lightweight Marble Case, which fits perfectly and adds an extra touch of style for just £14.99/$17.49.

Buttons are protected by frosted white plastic, so even they'll be safe from scratches, while there's enough of a lip to offer basic drop protection for the screen too.

Pulse Series

Similar to the Vision Series by Snugg, the Pulse Series also has a flexible silicone TPU shell that enfolds your iPhone X.

However, the Pulse Series has a rippled pattern with with inner air-pockets and a polycarbonate bumper for maximum grip and shock absorption.

All Pulse Series come in a matte finish with Snugg’s signature ‘S’ ergonomic contour. Choose from a variety of colours on Amazon starting from £7.99/US$6.99.

Nomad Rugged iPhone X Case

There's good and bad to this case from Nomad. The good is that if you're looking for a rugged case that still has a leather finish, this will do the job - it's very sturdy, with an incredibly tough frame.

The downsides are twofold. One, the frame is so tough that the buttons are a bit of a pain to use. Two, be aware that the leather in every one of our samples was several shades darker than in Nomad's photos, so don't order it if you want a tan case.

Infinity Series for iPhone X

What separates the Infinity Series by Snugg from the Pulse and Vision Series is a polycarbonate exterior. This interchangeable back piece acts as a more durable shield when faced with shock.

It also maintains a slim and lightweight design that combines style and functionality.

The Infinity Series case comes in six colours and is available on Amazon for £12.99/$8.99.

Proporta Carbon Series

Another great option comes from Proporta, which offers several cases including the Carbon-fibre case for iPhone X. It's thin, light and durable, and allows access to all ports and buttons.

Windsor for iPhone XS/X

Drop tested at 3 metres, the Windsor by Gear4 provides D3O Impact Protection with a slim, elegant design.

This case has a frosted back plate with a clear panel, and the bumper colour is available in rose gold or black.

There are a few variations on Amazon from £19.99. Options to US shoppers are slightly limited on Amazon, however, as the only Gear4 Windsor case available is in Rose Gold.

Mujjo Full Leather iPhone X

Mujjo has completely redesigned their selection of Leather Cases using a new in-mould production process.

Each Leather Case is wrapped entirely in premium full-grain leather. The case fits securely around the iPhone X with the purpose of accentuating the device rather than concealing or adding bulk.

The leather raises 1mm above the edge of the glass, resulting in a raised bezel that keeps your screen scratch-free.

Snakehive iPhone XS/X Collections

Snakehive has a wide variety of cases available for iPhone X, with collections including the Pastel Collection, Wilderness Wood Collection, Slimline Wallet Collection and the Vintage Collection.

From the Vintage Collection comes this Vintage Plum folio case (£24.95/around $35.75), with protection for the front, back and sides of the case as well as a magnetic clasp for extra security. The case doubles as a stand, too.

Blake Folio for iPhone X

A hybrid of deluxe leather and ultra-soft Alcantara suede, the Folio by Greenwich offers a quality design for Apple’s most sophisticated iPhone yet.

And did we mention it’s shotgun tested?

Each Greenwich case has a carbon-fine lining for the ultimate protection against shock. 

Also includes an interior card slot.

Greenwich Horo Leather Folio for iPhone X

Another Greenwich case, the Horo Leather Folio Case includes an updated, hard-wearing shell that acts as a protective shield.

The sleek leather design crafted with quality leather is the perfect combination of sophistication and functionality, all without additional bulk.

Pizza Emoji Case for iPhone X

Famous for their emoji-decorated cases, Call Candy has unveiled this crafty UV printed pizza case.

With a slim and flexible design, the Mamma Mia Pizza Emoji Case provides protection and comfort with a slim design.

It fits around the iPhone X nicely while adding a bit of fun in comparison to other cases. You can find this case on Case Hut.

If you're after quirky cases, check out our round up of the  best Disney iPhone cases on Macworld and our round up of the best Disney phone cases overall, which feature several iPhone X cases too.

Griffin Survivor Extreme for iPhone X

Looking for the ultimate protection for your iPhone X?

The Survivor Extreme by Griffin can withstand impact from up to 3 metres and is enclosed in a IP55-rated sealed shell to protect against all elements.

The Supreme Extreme may not be the prettiest, but it does come in black, black/red and blue/light blue and should keep your shiny new phone safe.

Olixar X-Ranger iPhone X Survival Case

Prepare your iPhone X to withstand all elements with the Olixar-Ranger iPhone X Survival Case.

In addition to drop protection and a non-slip grip, the Survival Case comes with a kickstand and multi-functioning lifesaver tool with 26 functions, including a ruler, knife, screwdriver and bottle opener.

Forget your fears of cracking your iPhone X, being unable to tighten a lose bolt or leave a bottled beer behind - the Olixar-Ranger Survival Case has got you covered.

Speck Presidio for iPhone XS/X

Built to withstand 3m/10ft drops, Speck's line of Presidio cases feel just as sturdy and solid as they claim to be, with a multi-layer design and ridged bumpers, but without sacrificing the way your phone looks.

We've picked out the standard Presidio case, but head to Speck's site (US range here) to check out the full range of colours and finishes, including the even more protective Presidio Ultra, which includes an additional bumper and supportive holster.

Tech21 Evo Tactical for iPhone X

When it comes to non-leather cases protection is usually the priority, but we love the look of the Evo Tactical from Tech21, which features a subtle angular motif on the rear.

It doesn't get in the way of the drop protection features you'd expect, while the tactile grip means you're that little bit less likely to drop it in the first place.

Pad & Quill Bella Fino Wallet for iPhone X

This wallet case from Pad & Quill is made of American leather, and both looks and feels fantastic. There's a choice of three different exterior leather colours, which determine which of three contrasting interior finishes you can have.

There are slots for a few cards, but there's no clasp to keep the case shut. You can either attach your phone using the included adhesive, or use the optional snap-on case. Oh, and don't worry about the US pricing - they ship to the UK too.

Skinit iPhone XS Skin

Skinit's iPhone X skins are definitely not for anyone looking to add serious protection to their phone, but are ideal for anyone who just wants some visual flair.

The adhesive skins cover range from simple patterns to comic designs, sports teams, and art prints, and some even have a textured finish.

Caudabe Synthesis iPhone XS Case

Synthesis is Caudabe's toughest iPhone X case, boasting 3m/9.8ft of tested drop protection thanks to a combo of a flexible polymer bumper and a rigid back shell - a design in common with most of our favourite tough cases.

It comes in a few colours, but our favourite is the black variant with a transparent rear - and don't worry about the US pricing, it ships internationally for just $5 extra.

Element Roll Cage iPhone X Case

There are plenty of heavy-duty protective cases out there, usually with garish colours and complicated designs, but Element's Roll Cage stands out from the pack with a design inspired by race car tech.

That's because the 'cage' is not only detachable, but can be attached to either the rear of the case or the front, adding serious screen protection when you know you won't be using the phone for a while.

Poetic Revolution iPhone XS/X Case

This tough case from Poetic includes a built-in screen protector, which could make it a great value option for anyone looking for both a case and a screen cover.

The downside? It's a bit fiddly to get your phone in and out of the case, and the screen protector won't sit as flush to the screen as standalone versions. Still, at this price we'd be hard pressed to complain.

Mous Cases for iPhone XS/X

The stylish Mous iPhone X case comes in a choice of five finishes: walnut (pictured), bamboo, shell, leather, and carbon fibre; whichever you pick, the rest of the case is essentially identical.

You get a simple hardback design, with cutouts for all the obvious ports and camera, and only a subtle Mous logo at the bottom. The screen remains unprotected, but fear not - Mous throws in a free screen protector with every order.

You can get this case for as low as £34.99/$44.99 when its on sale through Mous's website.

LuxArmor Classic iPhone X Case

Most iPhone X cases are designed to protect the fragile glass break from breaking by wrapping it in something sturdier. The LuxArmor Elite goes the other way, putting it in, well, more glass.

The tempered glass case (available in black, white, red, or blue) does at least come with a silicon trim that will help absorb the impact of any drops or bumps, and it's also entirely free of any branding, preserving the pure Apple aesthetic.

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