We're hours away from Apple's 'Rock and roll' event, an invitation-only press session in San Francisco that's expected to focus solely on Apple's audio-related products. So, what does the company have in store for us at this year's edition of its annual autumn music event?

As Macworld's Christopher Breen wrote last week, 'tis the season for new iPods. Apple traditionally refreshes its iPod lineup in September to get ready for the holiday shopping season.

In September 2008, Apple introduced a new iPod nano, made changes to the iPod touch and pared the iPod classic to a single offering. September 2007 saw the debut of the iPod touch and the rebranding of the full-sized iPod as the iPod classic. And September 2006 brought lower prices, brighter displays, and enhanced battery life to iPods.

This time around, Apple is rumoured to be adding cameras to its iPod classic and touch models. Whether that's a good idea or not is an interesting question, but it would add a new dimension to Apple's media players. However, some reports claim that Apple has had technical problems during testing and may not release such products.

Today could also be notable for products that get discontinued - specifically the iPod classic. After last year's iPod unveiling left the 120GB music device as the last hard drive-based player in Apple's lineup, the classic's days appeared numbered. Writing at PC World, Technologizer.com's Harry McCracken thinks it may be a little early for the classic to exit stage left.

Another rumour being bandied about contends that a new version of iTunes is nigh. This update - iTunes 9, perhaps? - could include interactive elements, photos, lyrics, and more with purchased music (the so-called Cocktail Initiative), as well as iPhone/iPod touch app organization capabilities and perhaps even Blu-ray support or DVD-ripping.

And then there's the perpetual rumour of The Beatles finally making their way onto the iTunes Store - this year's version of the rumour has timed the Beatles' long-delayed arrival at iTunes to coincide with the release of the band's remastered catalogue.

Those rumours have cooled considerably in recent days, only to be rekindled by a story on Tuesday that none other than Yoko Ono has confirmed to Sky News that The Beatles were soon to appear on the iTunes Store. (EMI's global catalogue chief has since shot down that rumour, so it looks like future generations will get to continue the annual tradition of guessing when the Beatles' music might wind up on iTunes.)

Finally, everyone is taking bets on whether Steve Jobs will attend or participate in today's event. The Apple CEO recently returned to work after a six-month leave of absence that included a liver transplant. Jobs hasn't appeared at an Apple event since October 2008 when the company unveiled a remodeled laptop line.

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