Apple is planning to introduce solid-state hard drives as an option across its laptop range, according to various reports.

The speculation begins as Apple inches toward a key product transition the company warned would take place when offering guidance to analysts during its last financial results call.

Many predict new laptops, iPods and potentially more news on the iPhone at a special event the company is rumoured to have planned for next month.

Computerworld speculates the new laptops will carry glass trackpads, be thinner with aluminium cases, potential inclusion of 3G or WiMax chips and the flash drive as hard drive option, as available in the MacBook Air.

To justify the latter claim, a Computerworld blogger notes that Dell this week introduced the Latitude series laptop which can be fitted with a 128GB SSD flash drive for just $450 (£225). That high capacity flash memory has now become that cheap is seen as justification for the report's claims.

"With twice the SSD space (128GB) costing roughly half the cost of the SSD option of January, will Apple take the plunge and give its users the option for an SSD powered MacBook? My $500 budget says yes!" the report concludes.

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