Apple is now suing rogue Mac clone maker Psystar.

Psystar claimed in April that it was to offer a $399 Mac clone running at 2.2GHz with integrated GMA 950 graphics. The manufacturer claimed its machine is compatible with Mac OS X 10.5, and even promised to ship the computer with the OS installed.

Currently, there are scant details on the lawsuit, but Apple filed against Psystar on July 3 in the northern district of California.

The lawsuit alleges counts for violation of its shrink wrap licence, trademark and copyright infringement. Apple’s OS X licence specifically requires that the software be installed only on Apple-branded computers.

Apple’s end user licence agreement for Mac OS X states that “You agree not to install, use or run the Apple Software on any non-Apple-labelled computer, or to enable others to do so.”

The news was broken on lawyer Jorge Espinosa’s blog

Back in 1995 Apple did grudgingly allow certain manufacturers to sell their own Macs. Power Computing was the most popular, and there were others such as Motorola, Radius, DayStar, and Umax.

But after bringing down his axe on the Newton MessagePad newly returned Apple boss Steve Jobs swiftly chopped the Mac clone project – claiming that the cloners merely took buyers from Apple rather than growing the market, therefore leaving Apple with the R&D bill and fewer customers.

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