Apple iTunes 11 music software

Apple has made iTunes 11, the latest version of its jukebox software, available to download for PC and Mac.

iTunes 11 has arrived, and brought with it  a 'complete redesign' as well as new features. Apple delayed releasing the software for a month as is needed "extra time to get it right".

Apple said that iTunes 11 is: "Completely redesigned. For your viewing, listening, browsing and shopping pleasure."

The much cleaner and simpler interface will take a bit of getting used to for anyone who has used iTunes 10 for a significant period of time. Your library of content now displays across the full width of the window – the side navigation bar is now a drop down menu.

A new feature called 'expanded view' will display album info within the library, and the background colour adapts to the album artwork. An updated MiniPlayer takes up less space but has more control than previously.

The redesigned iTunes Store will now look the same across devices such as the iPad and iPhone. You can now get a history of all the music and films you've previewed. iCould gives you the option to simply stream purchased content or download it for offline consumption.

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