Apple iPhone 5S in production

Photographs of Apple's upcoming iPhone 5S handset have been leaked online. See also: Live coverage of Apple 2013 iPhone event from Cupertino, California. See also: iPhone 5S price in the UK.

A host of photos have been published online claiming to show Apple's yet to be announced iPhone 5S. Leaked via SJBBS, the images supposedly show the iPhone 5S being assembled at the Foxconn. See also: iPhone 5S rear casing leaked online.

Over the last few weeks and months there has been plenty of speculation about Apple's next iPhone model, no surprise there then. Many rumours claim that Apple will announce two iPhones this year, the iPhone 5S and iPhone 6. (See also: iPhone 5C vs iPhone 5S comparison review: what's the difference between iPhone 5C and iPhone 5S?)

There's not a great deal of information on offer from the leaked images, even though there are 14 of them. The device closely resembles the iPhone 5 in its appearance and there are the usual black and white facia colours.

AppleInsider comments that the iPhone 5S could use a different motor for its vibration to address the noisy one found in the iPhone 5.

We can't say whether these images are the real deal or elaborate fakes so keep your pot of salt handy. There is a lot of doubt surrounding them though. Kyle Wiens, of tear-down outfit iFixIt, told AppleInsider that "the internals don't look like something Apple would build."

Apple iPhone 5S leaked photo

It's been suggested that the iPhone 5S will be revealed within the next few months despite the iPhone 5 launching in September last year. There's also talk of a lighter, cheaper iPhone built with a plastic casing. See iPhone 5S to arrive early 2013.

Plenty of iPhone rivals will be announced at Mobile World Congress (MWC) in Barcelona at the end of February where we'll be bringing you hands-on with as many device as we can.

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