5 reasons not to wait for the Apple Watch

The new iPhone 6 models go on sale this week and although the Apple Watch was announced, it won't be released until next year. Here are five reasons not to wait for the Apple Watch (not iWatch). See: The best smartwatches of 2014.

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Apple Watch: How deep are your pockets?

We don't know, beyond Q1 of 2015, when the Apple Watch will actually be released but we do know how much it will cost. In dollars, at least, and the asking price is $349 which is likely to only be slightly lower in sterling – probably £319 or £329, in our opinion.

That's a lot of money for a smartwatch even if it is an Apple product. You've probably already spent a shed load on an iPhone 5s or iPhone 6 and a tablet (iPads aren't cheap) so good luck affording the Apple Watch as well.

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Apple Watch: Limited compatibility

It's comes as no surprise but you'll need an iPhone 5 or later running iOS 8 for the Apple Watch to work properly so this is a one reason you might need to avoid the smartwatch.
If you own an iPhone 5 or newer model then no problem but otherwise the deal is pretty restrictive. Even if you're not totally loyal to a brand or operating system (Android for phone and iPad for tablet) there's no point waiting for the Apple Watch unless you switch the iPhone. (See also: Microsoft Band vs Apple Watch comparison.)

Apple Watch design

Apple Watch: First generation woes

Many have been waiting for a smartwatch from Apple for a long time but now it's finally here, bear in mind that it's a first generation product.

There are two elements to this to consider. The first is that the device could well come with problems like we've seen with other first gen devices, the iPad for example. The second is that the follow-up to the original is bound to be heaps better. Apple will no doubt be holding back certain features and will make sure the next version can be thinner and lighter etc.

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Apple Watch: No love for the lefties

Most smartwatches have a touchscreen with which you interact with the device – perhaps a physical button on one side which is only need occasionally. The Apple Watch, on the other hand, uses a digital crown which is used for scrolling, zooming and similar so is a vital part of interaction. This is placed on the right hand side of the Apple Watch so left handed users wanting to wear the device on their right wrist will run in to difficulties.

Apple Watch wireless charging

Apple Watch: Another thing to charge nightly

The inductive charging feature of the Apple Watch may be pretty cool but by all accounts, this smartwatch is only going to last a day in terms of battery life. This means it's yet another device which you'll have to remember to charge every night. That's not only annoying but let's not forget that electricity isn't free so it's going to have an impact on your bills, too.